• All numbers MUST be entered in the following format X or X.XX examples (0, 1, 2, 3, 1.23, 12.34).

  • Do not add any non-numerical characters to number fields such as $, lbs, kg, usd, etc.

  • For grocery items sold by weight add quantity in the X.XX format, ie. 3.5 lbs of ground beef would be entered as:

    item: ground beef
    quantity: 3.5
    price: 1.79

  • Prices will only be added to the total count and total price once the checkbox is checked.

  • Your grocery list will be SAVED automatically in your browser, you can close the app and revisit this page in the SAME browser to access your saved grocery list.

  • If you clear your browser cookies your list will be deleted and reset.

  • If you access this page from a different browser, you will not be able to access your saved grocery list. Example if you start a list in google chrome, and try to access it from Safari later, it will not work. Your grocery list is STORED in the browser you INITIATED it in.

  • Exchange rates are updated once every 24 hour period.

  • Once you reset a grocery list, it CANNOT be recovered.

  • Share and enjoy! Click on lots of ads so we can keep this app free to use!
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